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Established in the year 2000 by Daphne's love and passion for bridal couture and fashion, the Allure Bridal Couture team continues to hand make all couture gowns painstakingly with the utmost attention to detail.

The exciting journey begins with the designing and then patternmaking of the silhouette chosen and continues on into subsequent fittings until the last stitch brings it to the final piece of perfection.

Daphne is a lace specialist and has extensive knowledge in all aspects of bridal gown making, especially specializing in the make of exquisite lace gowns. Our brides are those who have an exact idea as to what style and fabric they require and do not necessarily like the overseas "off the rack gown" that seems to repeat itself. Unique pieces are continuously made in seasonal materials/laces and this makes our bridal dresses exclusive only to our customers. Our brides never just blend in! They always make a statement on their special day.

The 'secret' to our unique business is our stunning designs and patterns that we have mastered over the years that no-one else can replicate nor can they as our patterns and unique pieces of fabrics are exclusive to us. Silks, satins and laces are sourced from all over the world and sometimes we can only make that 'one' particular gown for that one client who is lucky enough to have it all come together for them.

An in-house bridal/evening dress alteration service is another prestigious service we offer to those who have already purchased a gown and need help with whatever is required to tailor the gown back to size.

Allure Bridal Couture has a definite point of difference which you will see for yourself.

Our collection can be viewed privately by appointment.

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