Dear Daphne, It was an absolute delight working with you. You're so patient and professional and your work is exsquisite. All your fine tuning resulted in my dress being not exactly what we had planned but better and perfect in the end! The compliments were endless! Thank you so much for all your honest advice and tremendous effort. Our wedding day was extraordinary and you played a special part in that. Thank you! Elly

Dear Daphne, Words cannot express how thrilled I was with the amazing wedding dress you created for me. You are exceptionally skilled at your craft and I really appreciate the time you spent designing something just right for me, the process of seeing my dress come together and eventually fit me like a glove as you had promised! Many people commented on how simple and elegant my dress was, which was exactly what I'd been hoping to achieve. It was great working with you. Thanks so much. Elise

Dear Daphne, Thank you for making my dress so special, I love it and had so many compliments for your outstanding work! In fact I am referring your name wherever I can. Warm regards, Gita

Dear Daphne, No amount of thanks is enough for your care and effort making my beautiful dress! Thank you. Thank you,Tania

Dearest Daphne, Thank you so much for making my beautiful dress! Everyone loved it! I looked the best because of you! Lydia

Dear Daphne, Thank you so much for all your hard work, you were fantastic! The dress looked gorgeous even though I managed to get mud on the bottom of it. It was an awesome night and I'll be sure to send you a photo. Thanks heaps, Penny

Dear Daphne, Thank you for all your time and effort you put into making Rebecca's debutante gown. The evening was a great success and Rebecca looked stunning. Best wishes and thanks again, Carola & Rebecca

Daphne, All your time and dedication on making me such an amazing and stunning dress for my special day is truly appreciated. Everyone commented on what an elegant dress and how classic it looked, so thank you. We both had a remarkable day to remember. Nicole